Having the ability to see clearly is vital for most workplace tasks, be they office or production based. However, some people do not regularly attend an optician for many reasons:

  • Being put off by the high fees charged for spectacles and tests,
  • Not being high on the list of personal priorities - they mean to go, but they just don't get around to going
  • Rarely, for reasons of vanity!

This puts them at greater risk of eye strain and accidents due to the steady deterioration in visual acuity that affects us all as we get a little more senior. These changes are so gradual that people adapt to them and it is only when someone else comments about how far away the person is holding a paper or when the person experiences difficulty seeing road signs or night driving, that it begins to dawn that there may be a problem.

Legal Requirements

These cover 3 main areas:

  • Office based workers - the Display Screen Equipment regulations 1992 (amended 2002) state that all habitual users of computers shall be provided with a free vision test. DSE vision testing can be provided by All Safe OH & S Ltd on your own premises. Individuals that do not meet the required visual standards can then be referred to an optician, therefore saving the cost of routinely referring those with normal vision to an optician for testing. For more information about DSE workstation assessments, please see the DSE section on the risk assessments page.
  • Vocational drivers - all vocational drivers have a legal requirement to meet the standards laid down by the DVLA. For more details about drivers' vision, please click the drivers' medicals button below.
  • Those requiring personal protective equipment (prescription safety spectacles)

What's involved?

Vision testing can be carried out for DSE users at your premises using specialist vision screening equipment. All that is required is a quiet room, an electrical socket, a table, two chairs, vision screener and finally employees who have brought their corrective spectacles with them, if required. Testing takes 5 to 7 minutes per person.

Employees will be notified of their results and in the case of abnormal results they will be given a copy and advised to see an optician.

Finally, employers will receive the results, provided that the employee has consented for the release of this information.


All Safe OH & S can offer site based statutory health surveillance including:

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